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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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he told us will nearly quadruple. ll standup former governor culver says the key to the next steps in the move to a privately-managed system will be transparency. he wants to make sure governor branstad's promise that this move will save money in the long run, is kept. at the state capitol, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. an overnight shooting in cedar rapids killed one man and injured another. and police have yet to charge anybody. police say people in the area of 3-thousand j street southwest heard multiple gun shots about 9:30 last night. they say those gunshots killed 25- year-old joseph perkins junior of chicago. someone also shot and injured a 21-year-old man, whom police have not identified. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman is live at the scene tonight. dave, do police have any motive for the shootings? beth, if police have any idea what prompted the
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those details public yet. police have said the shooting wasn't a incident. witnesses who heard the gunfire last night found perkins' body in the parking lot and started c-p-r. several said the wounded man, who was shot in the leg, limped from behind some buildings as police arrived. police have not identified him yet for his own safety. some witnesses also believed they saw a vehicle leaving the scene but police say there are conflicting descriptions. "we do know the shooter got into a vehicle...we don't have a confirmed description of that vehicle also the vehicle was occupied by at least two other subjects and possibly even a fourth person involved." scene of another parking lot shooting incident last september. in that case, as many as 17 shots were fired striking a vehicle and several
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cedar rapids police say this was the first homicide of 2016. there were six murder or murder-suicide deaths last year. one case remains unsolved. live in cedar rapids, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. out of the four most populated cities in the viewing area, cedar rapids and dubuque have each had one homicide this year. dubuque's first homicide was on january 4th. police say delores flynn beat her ex-husband, 72- year-old gary breckenridge, to death with a baseball bat in their home. she faces a second degree murder charge. waterloo and iowa city have not had any homicides in 2016. we want to remind you that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also send us pictures and vivios to newsroom at kcrg dot com.
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first forecast. joe, a little with a lot of clouds. as a major winter storm moves east across the weather remains gray, but quiet. highs pressure moves in from the plains into the upper midwest later on thursday. this allows our winds to diminish later thursday and sets us up for a great start to the store for saturday as highs rebound well into the 50s. have a super night! tonight: partly cloudy, windy low: 22-28 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow: partly cloudy, windy high: 33-39 winds: nw 15-30 back to you. johnson county is considering a new jail diversion campus. the goal is to reduce the jail population by offering treatment to the mentally ill, and people with substance abuse problems. the county hasn't chosen a spot for the campus. but it could include...
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a sobriety center a crisis intervention team and a psychological stabilization center. kcrg t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us live at the johnson county jail. mark, this campus would be unique to iowa? county officials and local authorities traveled down to san antonio, texas to see how a much larger diversion campus works. they say right now they're spending too much money locking up alcoholics, drug abusers and the mentally y l, and that's not good for anyone. "right now our only option is to take someone to the emergency room or to jail and they really need to be getting treatment. " iowa city police chief sam hargadine says he's a big supporter of an idea to create a jail diversion type campus in johnson county... a sort-of one- stop place for officers to take people who are intoxicated, battling drug withdrawals, or having a
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"presently we could potentially take up to four hours while we're taking somebody through the emergency room, that's very expensive for the emergency room, very expensive for police and time consuming, they could be helping other people at the same time. " "i think with the people that are at the table now and the understanding, i think it's really going to happen and we're going to have something." johnson county attorney janet lyness joined hardagine and other high ranking county and law enforcement officials to start laying the groundwork for the campus wednesday morning. "it's certainly going to benefit the emergency rooms that are currently overcrowded right now and they can provide better care to everybody if they are not quite as overcrowded. " at this point officials say it's too early to nail down a cost estimate -- but after the initial investment officials say such a campus will save the community money and help people rather than lock them up. jail alternative coordinator jessica peckover says the next step is to collect data to figure out how much space they'll need. "really figuring out how many
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we are looking at scale-ability we really need to see what capacity we need right now, then we can start identifying some buildings. " officials are also working to train more officers to handle mental health issues. that's already started. and eventually officials say they want all officers in the county to have some sort of mental health training. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. construction is underway to make the johnson county courthouse safer. the project includes creating a new public entrance in the back of the building. there will be one set of doors where the public will walk through metal detectors and put bags through an x-ray machine. the addition will also include a second set of doors that sheriff's deputies can use to move inmates to courthouse hearings. the project is set to be complete by march 11th. a recent arrest of a des moines teacher on an indecent exposure charge brought up the question of reference checks with iowa schools. that teacher, 60-year-old michael madson, resigned from lincoln high school. he e ved to des moines from
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2001, where he also faced harrassment charges. those were eventually dismissed. we talked to iowa city schools who showed us how they check references for open positions. " 11:00 we often talk about hiring being a 30-year commitment when you think about the career of a teacher in our district. we spend a lot of time up front setting up hiring processes, r rruiting processes to bring good people in. " tonight at 10, kcrg-tv-9's chris earl looks at how eastern iowa schools try to ensure that new hires are going into education for the right reasons. he'll also take a look at the crimes and charges that state licensers say will disqualify a person from teaching in iowa. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett says the city has made a lot of "right calls" since the 2008 flood. the mayor used his "state of the city" speech to look at how some of the city's urban renewal choices have turned out. corbett told a large crowd a controversial decision to close second avenue for the p-c-i medical complex has
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district. and he's especially pleased with the return of a vibrant downtown and new entertainment district. "our downtown used to be a place where people came to work and then left. we are entering a new phase where people work, live and, i predict, will eventually shop downtown " the mayor admitted one misstep was the library levy that failed in november. the mayor says the library board may have asked for too much of a tax increase at once, and city leaders will apply those lessons in the future. some central city parents say the school district is being too secretive about its budget. and the budget committee that says it has to make cuts says it's having trouble making decisions without more information. stay with t-v nine. some central city parents are
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for a re-audit of the school district's 2015 fiscal year. they allege that central city schools are in serious financial trouble, and the district's breaking iowa code by hiding records from the public. the district disagrees. central city schools need to cut about 550-thousand dollars from next year's budget to stay in the green. amber weber is a parent on a budget committee looking at where those cuts should come from. she says she needs more information. specifically, she and her supporters are looking for monthly finance reports, which they say the district isn't sharing. "i reached out to six area
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were able to provide me that information within, i think the quickest time was 27 minutes to an hour." superintendent tim cronin said because the district is so small, it doesn't have the manpower to make those reports readily available like others. get parents that information as soon as possible. cronin said the school's online finance data is enough to meet iowa code. the dubuque school district has a re- engagement program to help dozens of high school drop outs earn their diplomas. the program is a partnership between dubuque schools, northeast iowa community college, and project hope. students in the program take high school equivalent classes online. special coaches connect with the students who've dropped out and help them figure out how to reach their graduation goals the program's graduates often go on to college or join the workforce.
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was to be in an environment where i didn't feel oppressed and where i kind of got a sense of what the real world is like. " since the program started in in 2012, more than 95 students who had dropped out have earned their high school diplomas. the hawkeye basketball team is getting ready to take on the wisconsin badgers tonight. and u-n-i has a new athletic director. you'll hear from him coming up.
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source, kcrg-tv9. winds remain brisk both tonight
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still coming in at 15 to 30 mph from the northwest. we ought to see more sunshine tomorrow, though, along with cooler highs in the 30s. we're back around 40 on friday, with 50s ahead for the weekend. saturday looks like the pick day with more sunshine before more clouds roll in on sunday. we'll cool down again early next week. tonight: partly cloudy, windy low: 22-28 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow: partly cloudy, windy high: 33-39 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 21-27 winds: nw 5-15friday: partly sunny high: 40 - low: 24 saturday: mostly sunny, mild high: 58 - low: 29 sunday: mostly cloudy high: 54 - low: 44
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low: 29 tuesday: mostly cloudy high: 40 - low: 28 wednesday: chance of rain/snow high: 40 - low: 28
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today the university of northern iowa introduced its new athletic director. and the hawkeyes try to slow down one of the hottest teams in college
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find their new athletic director. josh has more from cedar falls. there were three finalists for the a.d. position here at northern iowa. and the school feels it has found the right person fothe job in david harris. he's been a senior associate athletic director at iowa state for the past 10 years. before that, he also worked at wisconsin and his alma mater, mississippi. he
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things excite him about person harris made sure to thank was iowa state athletic director jamie pollard who was in attendance. harris said the biggest challenge he faces is finances. harris won't begin his
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but he will be introduced during halftime at tonight's men's basketball game. from cedar falls, josh christensen, kcrg-tv9 sports. the panthers will honor three big time seniors tonight against indiana state. 3 point specialist paul jersperson, matt bohannon the school all- time leading 3 point shoter, and the player who sparked program wes washpun.. they will hold the senior ceremonies before the game tonight. if you could get that word spread around and get their by a quarter to seven so that we got everyone for the introductions. you don't go from losing four in a row to winning 7 out of 8 thout great leadership. those three guys they made it happen
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about by our fans in the fashion and i think that is terrific. sot : : oc: "that is terrific " the hawkeyes hope a week off will add some spring to their step when they host the badgers tonight. wisconsin comes in on fire having won 8 out of their last 9 games.. including wins over maryland. indiana, and michigan state. they do a lot of things on the floor. they are always a tough game for us. they play everybody tough and they have a lot of talent on that team. the next four games are all against very good teams so hopefully we play better than we have recently. i think our defense has to get better especially with the weapons we are going to face on wednesday night. sot :28
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thanks, scott. now here's a look at today's top web stories on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg t-v nine. and now to first alert storm
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t joe winters for your final forecast. as a major winter storm moves east across the great lakes and ohio valley our weather remains gray, but quiet. highs pressure moves in from the plains into the upper midwest later on thursday. this allows our winds to diminish later thursday and sets us up for a great start to the weekend. sunshine is still in store for saturday as highs rebound well into the 50s. have a super
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is to get out of this rut we've been in lately. "rut"? i think you mean "consistency." and if we're going to abandon that, then why even call it t ursday? let's call it "quonko day" and divide it into 29 hours of 17 minutes apiece, and celebrate it by sacrificing a goat to the mighty god ra. i could go for some goat. sheldon, we agreed we'd do something different tonight. all right. let's go to the comic book store. we went to the comic book store last night. last night was wednesday. wednesday is comic book night. tonight, we'll be going on thursday, because it's anything can happen ursday. way to think outside but pressed right up against the box, sheldon. so what are we going to do tonight? if i may proffer a suggestion, in bars all across this great nation of ours, thursday night is ladies' night. which means, as the evening progresses, we will get better looking courtesy of 99 cent margaritas


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